Track Adaptive Steering Control Systems
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Track Adaptive Steering Control Systems


 The series products are complete digital design, with powful maintainability and expansibility. The control system compose of reliable IPC and large LCD touch panel display. Manual control of insert menu, convenient operation and direct observation. The product comply to criteria of IEC60945、IEC61162、ISO11671, and fully approced by CCS.


●Technical index


■Heading stability: heading stability not more than 1°in quiet sea;
■Track stability: speed≥6Kn, under 4 level sea state, track stability not more than 0.2n.mile;
■Operating mode: AUTO,FU, NFU, RC
■Adjustment control parameter: ship KT parameter, weather, sea state, speed, loading.
■Input signal: gyro compass, magnetic compass, GPS, Log, ECDIS
■Output control: solenoid valve or torque motor
■Output signal: comply to IEC61162 standard VDR interface information
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