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KWANT CONTROLS Standard R/I-converters
KWANT CONTROLS Standard R/I-converters

The electronic modules 51001907 and 51001917 are specially designed to convert the position of a potentiometer into a 4-20 mA signal. The 51001907 is used for the standard control units manufactured by Kwant Controls. The module 51001917 is used for a simple conversion of a 360°-position to a single 4-20 mA.

Adjustable R/I-conversion circuit with span- and offset level calibration.  --   10 Volts reference voltage to power the potentiometer.  --  Two internal series resistors of 250W each to connect 358° potentiometers (only for the 51001917).  --   The output signal is isolated from the power supply.   --   Large power supply range (24VDC±30%).    --   ‘Power-on’ indication (green LED).  --   Optionally an external capacitor (e.g. 1000μF/40V) can be connected to smoothen the power supply voltage.  --   The module is mounted on a DIN-rail according to EN50022.   --  CE-approved according to EN60945.


KWANT CONTROLS Dual Channel R/I-converter
KWANT CONTROLS Dual Channel R/I-converter

The electronic module 51002997 is designed to convert the position of one double- or two single wiper potentiometers into two 4-20 mA signals.

Two separately adjustable R/I-conversion circuits with span- and offset calibration.   --   One common 10 VDC reference voltage to power the potentiometer(s).   --   Wiring faults of the potentiometer(s) will result in a 0 mA output signal.  --   Wide input range of the potentiometer signal from 10% up to 80%.    -- Two internal series resistors of 1000W each to connect 360° potentiometers.  -- High side output drivers allow signals with a common ground.   --    The output signals are isolated from the power supply.  -- Large power supply range (24VDC±30%).   -- ‘Power-on’ indication (green LED).  -- Optionally an external capacitor (e.g. 1000μF/40V) can be connected to smoothen the power supply voltage.  --  The module is mounted on a DIN-rail according to EN50022.   --  Type approved by ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, LRS, Class NK, RINA, RMRS.


KWANT CONTROLS Integrated R/I-converters
KWANT CONTROLS Integrated R/I-converters

The converters of types 105896 and 106850 are used as integrated parts of various control units and convert the position of a potentiometer into a normalized mA output signal.

Type 105896 consists of a single printed circuit board of size 55x70mm and produces a standard linear output signal of 0-20 or 4-20mA.

Type 106850 consists of two printed circuit boards of the same size mounted on top of each other and produces a V-shaped 20-4-20mA output signal.

Special executions are available on request. More details can be found in the attached drawings 4A0107202 and 4A0107074. In drawing 4A0107202 reference is made to the railmounted types as well that can be found in separate datasheets.

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